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Endeavour Whitby holiday letting agency Hello Whitby Holiday Self Catering Accommodation Owner.

We could get you additional holiday bookings throughout the year, but what makes this offer particularly attractive to holiday cottage owners is we have no fees, no contracts and no obligations.

When bookings coming we check your website or contact you directly to see if you would like the booking, but there’s no obligation at all. If the booking is agreed we take 15 % from the owner as our commission and then forward on all the contact details of the customer to you the owner so that you can receive your full payment directly.

Unlike most holiday agents, who usually have too many cottages on their books, we are not going to oversee a large number of properties, so the  cottages we work for will get full  personal attention, and benefit from our search engine optimisation campaign and marketing paid for strategy.

The simple facts are my holiday accommodation  owners in Whitby will have nothing to lose and all to gain.

We not make anybody feel obliged to stay with our company; they are free to leave immediately whenever they wish.

The majority of holiday letting agents have binding contracts and upfront fees but more importantly they only produce a few bookings per year because they are overcommitted.

We want to mutually enjoy our relationship with our small number of cottage owners making sure we showcase their fine properties well, thereby producing a win-win situation.

If you think you may possibly want to list your property with us, we initially inspector property to make sure that it is up to standard and
then that’s all there is to it. We can even take the pictures and a description free of charge if you wish.

We can also design websites, optimise websites for search engines and offer a photograph and film service of accommodation if required.

Kind regards

Alan Davidson

E-mail alan@whitby-holiday-cottages.co.ukAlan-Davidson

Telephone (01274) 614650 or mobile (07813) 779273